The benefits of residential solar power systems includes; saving you money on your current electricity bills, making money from the unused electricity you export back to the grid and you can cut your carbon footprint as well.

Join millions of Australians who enjoy the daily power of solar. We are a group of highly qualified solar specialists who have contributed in helping many Australian residents who have benefited from the use of solar. We dream of a cleaner and greener world and better way to do that is renewable energy. Join us in making the world a better place. Installing solar at your house can benefit in many ways, some of those are;

  • Save money
  • Solar pays itself
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Be environmental
  • Use renewable energy to power your home

According to the Clean Energy Council, Australia is one of the sunniest continents in the world. Given a stable policy environment, there is massive potential for solar PV to make a significant contribution to electricity generation in Australia over the coming decades.

We at Greensure gives priority to your design preferences or create something unique using own expertise. We specialise in carefully designing solar layouts for homes and businesses to get maximum return on your investment.


Each and every properties are different from each other from many aspect. At Greensure, we have experienced consultants that will review your electricity usage on your request and evaluate your home's amount of sun hours, facing, shading, tilt, and space in order to provide you the best possible advice on reducing your electricity bill and optimising solar system. So contact us today and help us to make things better for you.


We strongly believe in quality not quantity. Our associated suppliers are one of the best in the industry and along with a highly qualified team of Clean Energy Council accredited installers, we provide a neat & tidy high quality installation.