Our expertise in the field of commercial solar power system Installations is what makes us different

Solar Power can be a fantastic financial investment for your business as the cost of electricity continues to rise sharply. Among the renewable energy sources, solar energy is a most sustainable choice. Many companies are now tapping into this alternative source of energy aimed at leveraging its numerous benefits.

We have an extensive experience installing solar systems for our clients. Government subsidies and the falling solar equipment costs mean the utilisation of solar power is a sound investment and a sound financial decision for public agencies and businesses. Investing in solar energy generates both long-term savings and fast payback. Our solar energy systems are catered for businesses like yourself and we have already helped many businesses save thousands on their electricity bills.

  • High Return on Investment
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Lock-in energy cost for years
  • Shading of your roof and associated cooling effects
  • Decrease your carbon footprint
  • Long lasting benefit for your business
Sites that can benefit from solar power
  • Child cares
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Small Businesses
  • Factories
  • Shopping complexes